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12-19-2014 Last Day for Work by giosdesk
12-19-2014 Last Day for Work
It's the last day today! YAAAYYY!!!!!!
Last work day for this year! All office christmas parties are done.
Time to have sa rest and relaxation. More time with kids.
Enjoy the strip! Fistbump!
Cameo of my friends Carter and Elo. Ayan na ang wish nyo. hehehehe
12-17-2014 The Talkers and Non-Talkers by giosdesk
12-17-2014 The Talkers and Non-Talkers

I've learned from one of Doc Carlo from Callous Comics, when he talked regarding webcomics at one of the Komikon events, that as a comic seller the creator must be able to talk about his comics to other people. It's a great topic to talked about and to communicate with random people at conventions. What we call in call center "building a rapport" . I, personally, am shy person. But it would also invite other people to check out your work. The girls from Salmon Komiks I think mastered this art.

But there are times, reaching out to some goers may repel them from you. Its like when you go in the Department store, then the saleslady would come to you and offer you different sizes of that shirt you are just checking out.

hehehe haaaay...


BTW check out Komiks Ninja on Tumblr. She review a lot of Indie Komiks and a big supporter of the industry.

one of the first reviews I got 

12-15-2014 Come Back by giosdesk
12-15-2014 Come Back
Some people you meet at Conventions.
If you're a seller during cons, you might met some of them. These are just some of my experience.

So those are some of my friends Bugs, Jen, Alex and Cy hehehehe
10-26-2014 Self Control by giosdesk
10-26-2014 Self Control
It's hard to control one's temper. Loosing may cause to irrevocable damages to your career, to one' self, family friends etc. Well Unless you have a Hardcore personality...
Being a father, one must be a model to your kids. A source of inspiration and strength.
Always be the better man.

Makaganti man lang sa komiks

Cameo by Patrick RAWWR from Chain Mason
12-10-2014 Tip by giosdesk
12-10-2014 Tip
I got this TIP from Komikon Meeting before Indieket.
Sherry and Jom Zamar advised us not to put all our stocks on the table. Leave a couple of books for display and leave a browsing copy. In that way, your table looks organized and not cluttered. And you can easily keep an eye on your stock and still manage to keep track of your sale. And because of that, I kept an eye out.

Regarding the identity of this komik book thief, i dont want to point fingers or confirm the identity. Some creators and fans already PM'd me to who he may be. After reading some thread and shares around facebook, it seems that I'm not the only victim for other creators caught him in the same modus. I don't want this as an issue but just as heads up or warning to fellow con-goers.

Ang tumilaok, ay sya'ng nangitlog.

How would someone show their love for their child? By making to be their favorite super fighting robot!  That’s how!

Lately we’ve been playing Megaman on the Nes Emulator, just to share my kids the love I got for the Franchise and they did loved it too. I’ve also shown them some Fast run play of Megaman Powered Up on Youtube and they’ve been requesting to watch it ever since. Even watched that animated US Megaman (with bulk muscles). And since their Halloween Party at School is approaching, we asked them what character they would like. And they answered Megaman!

So the wife and me went to Divisoria on a weekend to look for costumes or materials we can  use to make the costume. I was thinking of making it simple, a plain shirt, a helmet and a blaster. But the wife wanted to go “All In”. Kinareer ng Lola mo! We ended up buying Yards of cloth, some puzzle mat and a soldiers. Helmet.



She saw a instructable link by craineum. That pretty much her peg but we don’t have the budget and skill to do what the craineum did but we improvise. We stuffed the Helmet with Papermache. My wife did the shape of both helmet. I did the ears fron soda cans. And most of the armor are from puzzle mat. She did the stitching of the cloth to the armors, I helped a little, I’m no Good in stitching. Wowa (the kid’s granmother) did the long-sleeve and the pants. Everything looks awesome. It was a tiring week. We finished the whole thing in one week, with our day job and rest. The Light on the blaster, I was helped by Ninong Royce.

The kids love their costumes, Lakan even kissed his helmet when it finished. Makisig always asking to wear everything while we were testing the fit on him, he’s really enthusiastic. They looked different from the kids at their school, They looked awesome and very unique. The Won most original costume, the kids were very proud, even telling their teacher how we made their costumes.

We’ll try to enter them on some cosplay event so they can enjoy their suit.

What I like about Halloween Trick or Treat are the candies! The kids have colds and cough so we don’t give them too much sweets. So me and the wife separated the treats we like and the treats we will give to the province. Then I saw a “Nougat” like finding a gem. SCORE!!!

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